In addition to her artistic pursuits, Debbi is a native Californian, who has lived in Venice since 1973.  She has spent over 35 years of her life in the business of creating extraordinary experiences.  As a restaurateur and co-owner of two of Southern California’s most popular, welcoming and fun spots, The C & O Trattoria and Cucina. Debbi has played a vital role in the revitalization of the Venice area, helping to turn it into a hot-spot for art, dining and shopping that it is today.  

Unfortunately in March of 2020 she was forced to close her Venice Beach location that she and her family started in 1992.  She spent the majority of her time for the next 20 months trying to keep her doors open and save the jobs of her beloved restaurant team. “Reinventing the restaurants became my artistic pursuit and my studio was temporarily closed.”

Finally, C&O is thriving once again and Debbi is back in her studio.  I am so happy to be painting again.  It felt like a part of me had died.  

Debbi is also a passionate advocate for causes that move her like The Ovarian Circle inspired by Robin Babbini and Safe Place for Youth in Venice for which Debbi volunteers and helps to raise awareness and funds.  She has been invited to speak and to share her story as a survivor at Cedars Sinai on behalf of runforher, for The Ovarian Cancer Circle and OCRFA’s program Survivors Teaching Students.  

Debbi’s greatest love and passion is the close-knit tribe of friends and family that have supported her through the good times and bad and make her life more vibrant and richer every day; especially her daughter Devin, her husband Lou and her trusted muse, “Sadie the Wonder Dog”