I hang out in my studio or on my boat in Venice Beach painting alongside my trusted muse, “Sadie- the wonder dog”. It is the multiple layers of a painting and of a person that pull me in and hold my interest and I am as equally fascinated by the texture and raw elements of a painting as I am by the subject.  I seldom know ahead of time where a painting might go many are happy accidents.

I work with acrylic paint, oil pastel and other mark-making tools on gallery-wrapped canvas.  Occasionally I work on watercolor paper or Yupo.   Most pieces are non-representational influenced by my inner world, events, music and other artists.  Self-discovery and play is the goal. Painting nurtures my inner child and that has been a game changer for me

In 2008, an ovarian cancer diagnosis changed my life forever. I used this difficult time as an opportunity. Between surgeries and treatments, I used affirmations and colorful images that I created digitally on Photoshop to help visualize my healing from the inside out.  I created a few pieces and called them “AffirmSHEart”. Cancer stripped me of my walls. I made deeper connections with myself and my loved ones. I learned that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. In 2013 I picked up a paintbrush and never looked back.

My most authentic paintings happen when I get out of my head and in touch with my emotions. Painting is the best medicine. I turn on my music, pick up a brush and let it rip.  I peel away the layers inside myself as I place the layers onto the canvas.   Often times I literally “work it out in the paint”.  That is why you might see words from earlier layers on a canvas peeking through as I work it out one stroke at a time.

What speaks to one person may not touch another. I hope that my paintings might inspire the viewer to begin their journey to find and reflect on their own story and experience the freedom that can come from expressing it through art.

50% of all proceeds from art sold will be donated to either The Ovarian Cancer Circle or Safe Place for Youth.  (your choice)

For more information about my art please email me at debbaloo@mac.com

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