I am a self-taught artist from Venice Beach, California.   I work with acrylic paint, mixed media and mark-making tools. Most of my work is non-representational, influenced by my inner world, life events, music and nature. My work has multiple layers and hidden surprises. 

I feel that my studio is my sandbox; with unlimited shovels and water, buckets”.  I seldom know ahead of time where a painting might take me; many are happy accidents.”

In 2008, an ovarian cancer diagnosis changed my life forever. I used this difficult time as an opportunity for introspection and growth. Between surgeries and treatments I used affirmations and colorful images that I created digitally to visualize my healing from the inside out.  I created a few pieces and called them “AffirmSHEart”. Cancer stripped me of my walls. I learned that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. In 2013 I picked up a paintbrush and never looked back.

My favorite paintings happen when I get out of my head and in touch with my emotions. Painting is the best medicine. I turn on my music, pick up a brush and let it rip!  I peel away the layers inside myself as I place the layers onto the canvas.   Often times I literally “work it out in the paint”.   Self discovery and play is the goal.  

For more information about my art please email me at debbaloo@mac.com

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